Business Success Tips

These 60 second nuggets are intended to bring some useful tools and tips to your attention.  Many of the business communication techniques I blog about form part of our professional training sessions and as such, are things that you can put into practice to help you perform more effectively in your own workplace – all without paying us a penny!  Just click on the title underneath the picture to read the full blog. Sonya O’Sullivan,  Principal Consultant.

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The Triumph of the Visual Image

When the Zumba trainer tells everyone in her class to move to the right, which way does she go? She will go to her own left as she is mirror image to her students.  This is because folk will instinctively follow her movement, in preference to her instructions. So whether you are training, presenting, marketing – or simply explaining a concept in a business meeting, the more visual you can make it, the better.  There are legions of unbelievable and unverifiable statistics…

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What Makes a Great Trainer/Facilitator?

I imagine we all have subjective opinions regarding what constitutes ‘great’ in a trainer or facilitator.  But going by our own delegates’ experiences, I have noticed whilst designing and delivering training programmes for Stratus, there are recurrent themes.  Training and Development can be costly, so it’s useful to know what to look for to get maximum return on investment.A great Trainer/Facilitator should be: An expert in their field, with practical experience, rather than having the right letters after their name (although if…

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