Cheshire East Council has been ‘trusting us with their people’ since 2010 to help with the changes created by government and increasing workloads. Proving that whilst Stratus is a small and friendly training company, we are capable of providing the flexibility, expertise and range to satisfy a mega-organisation like a local council.


2016/17 – Launching Soon!

We are due to begin delivering CEC’s Values Programme, which covers topics such as Creativity & Innovation and Flexibility.

These are aimed at helping their staff to develop the emotional intelligence tools and positive mind-set to cope with the expected period of uncertainty following the Referendum.


2013 – Looking at Leadership

We introduced Creating a High Performance Climate which has helped managers and leaders create the kind of atmosphere that is conducive to motivation, creativity, teamwork and positive reaction to change.

Responding to demand brought the introduction of our Conducting Challenging Conversations workshop. Whereas difficult conversations might have been set aside in the past, no-one now has the luxury of ignoring people issues.


2010 – Personal Growth

Stratus was asked to deliver a Personal Effectiveness Programme for over 200 personnel within the Council based around the SDI® (Strength Deployment Inventory) a behaviour recognition tool.

The Council was quick to identify that understanding colleagues underlying motivations and adapting to their individual needs were key skills which would become necessary as the public sector Coalition cut backs became a reality.

Proof of the Pudding – Delegates Comments

“Very relevant 2 days due to structure and development stage of team.  Due to current situation, the best 2 days of training I have been part of.  Thanks”

“Wonderful course, everyone in CEC from the Chief Executive down should do it”

“I feel really motivated and inspired after training”

“Very interesting journey of self-discovery and on how to appreciate the skills of others. Thank you”

“Kept my attention throughout and used fantastic examples and quotes to get points across. I’m really looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned. Loved it!”

“It was brilliant and met my needs and will help me improve relationships in my office”

“Superb course that really opened my eyes to the differences between people and therefore the potential for conflict. But over and above this – the opportunity to resolve conflicts … very practical and also fascinating”

“Cheshire East should seriously consider investing money and making this course compulsory for all staff”

“Well timed for me as I can step back from the culture of the organisation and focus on climate of team.  Will put learning into action”

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