They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

You have an important presentation coming up; everything depends on you getting it right – but at the moment you just don’t know where to start! Your coach will help you plan, prepare and present your chosen topic with confidence, flair, originality and none of the dreaded ‘death by power-point’.

Your slides (if you need them) will be succinct, refreshing and vibrant in order to help your audience gain greater understanding and interest in your topic. You will learn how to ‘tell the story,’ to use carefully chosen words, voice tone and body language to greater effect and ultimately develop your own personal presenting style

Our coaching sessions are designed for leaders who want to be able to raise their public speaking game from good to great.  Whether you speak to customers, the public at large or just within your own organisation the ability to speak engagingly is a necessary skill. When you perform well, you will command greater respect and improve your success rate – essential in any role.

We have 3 levels for you to choose whichever suits your needs best – from a ‘quick and dirty’ assessment of your presenting style with helpful critique, through to the ultimate ‘Wingman’ experience, where we will be with you every step of the way – from conception, through to planning, structure, visual aid construction and rehearsal.

Objective: To give you confidence and skill to present sessions that leave a lasting impression, to separate you from the crowd and so influence the audience to take positive action.

Stratus Associates