What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

Most people heartily dislike challenging others, so inevitably, inappropriate behaviour is often left to fester until it becomes untenable. However if you have people who are accountable for your organisation’s performance then they will sometimes have to bite the bullet!

This workshop shows delegates how to determine firm reasons for intervening and conducting such discussions, develops confidence and skill in delivering challenging messages and also helps them consider the consequences of not being willing or able to do so. The three key aspect are dealing with performance, disruptive behaviour – and key for these austerity times – dealing with attitude and reaction to change.

In these difficult times no organisation can afford to carry staff who don’t do their roles justice or mangers and leaders who are afraid to tackle tricky issues. This workshop also contributes to fulfillment of employer responsibilities towards protecting vulnerable staff by creating a consistent approach when dealing with difficult behaviour from others

Objective: leaving your supervisors and team leaders feeling more confident to be able to manage challenging behaviour and situations using an appropriate and consistent format

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