It’s not what you say it’s the way that you say it …

… is just as true for the written as the spoken word. This course is for those who write as part of their job but who are bored with the same old clichéd words and phrases. It applies sound interpersonal skills to the task of writing. Light and lively in style, it looks at various forms of written communication, including e-mail. The central theme is not only to ensure that the language used matches the purpose intended but also that it is clear, concise and relevant to the twenty first century.

“What you see is what you get”. Too often this is true of the reports we receive. The way a report looks, feels and is written often affects how much someone else will read it. These days a report needs to be clear, concise and look as if it accessible if it is to be successful.

This course takes the rigidity out of the process of report writing. Very much geared to the approach that says less is more and that clarity is everything. This one-day workshop focuses on the “What and How” of preparation, structure, writing and reviewing a report.

Objective: To improve clarity, structure and ultimate effectiveness in report writing and to raise the standard, sense, quality and success of all business writing.

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