“Some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to”

This two-day workshop is aimed at graduates who have been fast-tracked into the world of work, where they are expected to make a difference to the business.

Graduates straight from university often face a personal imbalance when they join the real world. They display the intelligence and knowledge they have spent the past years acquiring, but don’t have the life-skills needed to: transfer this knowledge to others, to put their ideas across, get people onside or to demonstrate their place in the hierarchy. This workshop fills this skills gap and helps graduates to become more rounded participants within the workplace.

Day 1 is about adopting a consultancy approach to win a hearing, encouraging delegates to be able to put their ideas to others in a way that can be accepted. Graduates need to be able to improve their ability to influence others in the business and manage the impression that others have of them.

Day 2 takes things a step further, learning about using tools and strategies to deliver a solution. Graduates need to build their ability to take advantage of a situation and deliver a solution that improves the business by taking a strategic approach to problem solving. It’s also about knowing where and how to use a variety of different process tools and finally, how to communicate the results and ensure they are fed back into the business

Objective: To fill the essential skills gap in young people who have limited experience of life in the workplace, but who wish to make a positive contribution to their organisation.

Stratus Associates