All your clear and pleasing sentences will fall apart if you don’t keep remembering that writing is linear and sequential, that logic is the glue that holds it together.

Many organisations have discovered that though their graduates are intelligent and enthusiastic team members, the one thing they seem to collectively struggle with is being able to write clearly and grammatically in reports, letters and emails.

Communication is the key to any successful company so Stratus has addressed this problem by designing workshops to fill this knowledge gap. Badly written letters irritate customers and cause them to question the value of the organisations they are dealing with.

Many industry leading lights from well-known organisations such as Tesco, Marks & Spencer and BT, have complained about the poor standards of our school-leavers and graduates. A recent study found British under-graduates made three times more grammatical and spelling errors than counterparts from Singapore, China and Indonesia, who count English as their second language!

You can’t do anything about our education policy – but you can do something about standards in your own organisation. Not confined to graduates, staff of all ages can join in this workshop which covers punctuation, parts of speech, sentences, paragraph construction and concise writing. If you want to demonstrate that you are the cream of your particular crop, start by ensuring your team are getting the basics right!

Objective: To raise the standard of written English in your organisation and thus increase your standing in the eyes of your customers

Stratus Associates