It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare, it is because we do not dare that they are difficult. 

Austerity and uncertainty have caused life to be pretty miserable for many people and this has unfortunately led to a noticeable increase in aggressive and occasionally, violent attacks by customers towards service providers.

We deliver practical tools which will help your team cope with anything from a slightly irate phone call to a physical threat/attack of violence – including what to do if the police have to be involved, such as making useful witness statements and remaining in control.

There are lots of hints and tips around defusing situations in the first instance, as well as remaining calm and in control during incidents which have become inflamed. This is tried and trusted training designed by someone who has years of experience teaching similar techniques to airline crew – they of course have no-one except themselves to turn to at 35,000 feet, so this training has to work!

This workshop not only protects your staff and increases their confidence in dealing with aggressive behaviour – it may also reduce your employer liability in injury compensation claims.

Objective: To give your vulnerable personnel the confidence and ability able to choose from a range of tools and techniques in order to manage and/or minimise challenging or aggressive behaviour from others.

Stratus Associates