Dealing with the media is an art in itself.

How would you cope if you received an unexpected call from the media? It’s a bit like an accident or illness – we live our lives hoping it may never happen. But don’t be fooled. Today’s digital and social media age means news travels fast. If enough people make comment about your organisation, the mainstream media get involved and their call could be coming your way.

In all your dealings with the media, whether it’s taking a phone call from a researcher, sending a statement to the press or handling a full blown radio or TV interview – what you do and how you do it will either enhance or dismantle your reputation. As the saying goes, ‘to fail to plan is to plan to fail’. This programme helps you plan and prepare for any unexpected media attention and can be made totally bespoke to your requirements and organisational objectives.

Objective: To understand how the media operates, plan for media attention, handle a media interview

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