The digital age creates digital scrutiny.

Many presentations these days, even when given face to face, are also transmitted online, either webcast or live webinar. A presentation within a webinar may be recorded (sometimes without the presenter being aware), and this creates greater potential for on-line comment and scrutiny of the presentation afterwards.

Either way, recorded or not, it’s much more of a challenge to gain that all important engagement factor within an on-line presentation, let alone create a fantastic lasting impression. There are many more distractions for the audience online and a perception that there is less responsibility to listen when not face to face with the presenter. So even those who are practised at delivering face to face presentations can flounder when it comes to transferring those skills to on online scenario.

There’s a phrase that says ‘your last presentation needs to be your best’ but a recorded webinar is constantly open to viewing and scrutiny – so EVERY online presentation has to be your best!

Objective: To plan, prepare and deliver professional and fully engaging online presentations.

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