“You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.”

People are only interested if you say something interesting. In these challenging times customers are naturally being more careful where they spend their money and who they choose to do business with.

Customers buy emotionally as well as practically, so whether you are cold-calling over the telephone or visiting a warm lead, potential customers want to interact with someone who they find easy to talk to, trustworthy and who knows and can enthuse about their products.

This workshop helps your sales team to develop a ‘supercharged strategy’ to help them focus on improving their sales, learning about ‘panning for gold’ and connecting with customers. What is ‘buyer’s pain’ and how will they alleviate it? Where does hypnosis come into it? If we have whetted your appetite, come and discover more on this fun and innovative workshop.

Objective: To ensure delegates recognise that selling is an essential part of business success and the importance of maintaining a positive attitude and approach in challenging times.

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