“Service is, without a doubt, the one key element that is completely within our control.”

This one-day austerity-busting programme is designed to develop the skills and behaviours needed to ensure your team and your business is fit for the future.

Customer expectations are continually evolving and growing. In these challenging times customers are naturally being more careful where they spend their money and who they choose to do business with. No organisation can rest on its laurels and presume that customers will come back.

It is six times more expensive to find a new customer than keep an old one, so are you paying dearly in terms of finance, reputation and stress. It is vitally important that your staff offer exceptional care and commitment as customers become more discerning. Designed for customer contact staff, including front line, call centres, complaints and service departments, this two-day course can be individually tailored to organisational needs.

How prepared are you!

Objective: To ensure that your current front-line personnel are equipped to cope with demanding and discerning customers.

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