If you do not believe in yourself, the chances are that nobody else will

From being ‘one of the guys’ to becoming the ‘one in charge’ can be a daunting step for many people. This workshop is aimed at those who have come up from the ranks to be placed above their former peers and friends for the first time. It is about how to take that tricky step into management without losing the respect and camaraderie that was once taken for granted.

This workshop is aimed at practical, manual labour roles, where heavy manuals and intense reading do not readily have a place. Our information is put together in laminated crib cards which make every task easier, whether it is giving feedback, listening properly or dealing with a difficult situation.

The skill practices are based on real-life situations and the exercises are practical, useful and delivered in a safe environment which encourages everyone to ‘Have A Go’ This is where delegates learn to move smoothly into the first level of management and have that transition made as seamless as possible.

Objective: to learn the basic management tools and techniques to ensure the transit from team worker to team leader is as seamless as possible

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