A phone conversation should be a convenience to the caller, not an inconvenience to the called.

The telephone! Such a vital business tool and yet so often used incredibly badly. Tele-sales, cold-calling – call it what you will has suffered from very bad press over the last few years because of irresponsible organisations trampling over the rules of telephone engagement and etiquette. So if you have to make out-going sales calls – how do you row back from here?

This one-day workshop is designed for anyone who wants to improve the impact of their own personal message over the phone. It doesn’t try to “teach Grandma to suck eggs” – it is an opportunity to address old habits and put standards in place so your sales team convey the same professional image each and every time they make a call.

This course is highly participative and with the use of real-time and real-life examples. Everyone has the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned and hear for themselves how they come across on the telephone.

Objective: To improve telephone communication and enhance the company image by adopting a professional approach to telephone calls.

Stratus Associates