Reasons to be Cheerful – When Speaking in Public

Reasons to be Cheerful – When Speaking in Public

When I am out and about networking, I’m often asked why my Coachees choose to seek help with their presentations and public speaking skills. By this I don’t mean the more obvious practical and psychological ‘push’ objectives such as:

Positive push:

  • Recognising it is one of the most effective business tools they can access

  • Knowing it is a totally transportable tool – wherever they choose to rise to in their organisation or career

  • Awareness that people respect and admire those who can speak confidently to groups of colleagues, customers or wider public audiences

  • Discovering it often leads to promotion or a salary rise

Negative push:

  • Under confidence

  • Little or no technical skill in speaking and presenting

  • Advised to seek guidance by a manager or other employer

  • Presented with limited success in the past

Although of course these objectives are important too.

No, in this case I am referring to the actual reasons why they want to be able to communicate in a public setting in the first place – the messages that they want to share. I am constantly blown away by the variety of messages and stories that my clients want their audiences to engage with, so I thought I would share some of the topics from my last couple of years coaching with you, to demonstrate the breadth of diversity.


  • Launching a new business or changing career

  • Standing out more memorably when introducing their business at networking meetings

  • Delivering an information or guest spot during business events

  • Rediscovering their unique and authentic voice after years of working in the media reading autocues

  • Crafting coaching or training workshops to upskill their own clients

  • Hosting ‘meet the customer’ events for business banking

  • Holding wellness events to encourage children to take up exercise and eat more healthily

  • Gaining a prestigious intern placement in the fashion industry


  • Delivering a first church sermon

  • Hosting a city centre rally to raise awareness of the under-funded illness ME (myalgic encephalomylelitis)

  • Sharing a success story with young offenders in prison to demonstrate how they too can turn their lives around

  • Explaining the beneficial work of a not-for-profit Trust to raise awareness and engagement

  • Tackling employer enlightenment about IVF (in vitro fertilisation) in the workplace

  • Shining a spotlight on cruel practice – FGM (female genital mutilation) is still taking place in many countries – including illegally the UK

Now I am often a tad tongue in cheek when writing my blogs. But not today, because it has been my genuine pleasure to help my Coachees conquer any doubts they may have once had. I want them to live the 3 C’’s … being Competent, Confident and Comfortable enough to be able to make a difference by speaking out, not only in their own worlds, but in the wider world too. How fabulous that I get paid to work alongside these amazing individuals. I’m super proud of them all!

Your Reaction: If you want to feel more confident, competent and comfortable when getting your own message across, either to your internal team, your customers or a wider audience, then contact us for additional information or to arrange a chat with one of the Stratus team

Please note: Clients sometimes want to keep their sessions with me under wraps – and I totally respect this. The examples I have given here are from clients who have either provided testimonials for me, or are happy for me to share/publicise their topics because their message deserves to be spread more widely.