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We are due to make a very important decision about our future in the UK on 23 June. Now I’m not going to put forward my opinion on Brexit (thank goodness, I hear you cry) but you may want to – or you may simply want to follow the public debates from our politicians over the next few days. Stratus is known for its communication skills training, so I thought I would post some timely tips on public speaking and debating which you can either try for yourself, or just have fun noticing whether Cameron et al get it right.

  • Research your subject thoroughly before the debate – and keep updating until right before the debate takes place, don’t be caught out at the eleventh hour
  • Ensure you are well rested, fed and watered. Sometimes nerves can put you off your food but try to at least nibble and sip otherwise the adrenaline you use in the debate will make you feel exhausted, sleepy and dehydrated
  • Make a pact with yourself and fellow debaters to enjoy the experience – you will come across as more confident and credible if you are in good spirits
  • Direct your communication to the audience (or judge if it is a formal debate), giving out positive vibes like smiling, nodding and keeping eye contact. Stand with your feet comfortably planted, do not cross your arms or legs – and don’t hide behind a rostrum, stand to one side instead
  • Wear appropriate (and comfortable) clothing, which makes you look smart, professional and upright. Fidgeting with ill-fitting apparel, or looking overly casual or quirky will distract your audience and lessen their trust in you
  • Whatever the result – be a good winner or loser. If you win, avoid looking smug or self-satisfied, a little humility goes a long way! If you lose, be gracious in defeat. Never apportion blame or grumble – nobody likes a moaner. If you didn’t convince your audience, learn from this for next time

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