Stratus Associates work together with Personal Strengths Publishing to deliver their specialist learning resource – The Strength Deployment Inventory.

pair1_resize-250x187Many of our consultants are accredited facilitators of SDI and are firm believers in the impact of this personal discovery programme. We recommend that our delegates complete this personal profile questionnaire to give participants an opportunity to explore their own and other people’s motivation and behaviour.

It is a highly enjoyable, interactive, visual and thought-provoking journey into the reasons people behave as they do and why they feel in tune with certain individuals and not with others.

You complete the questionnaire by answering specific questions that look at the following two situations:

  • When things are going well and you feel good about yourself
  • When things are going wrong and you are in conflict with others

It is a learning resource with no “right” or “wrong” answers … just two positions on a unique, coloured triangle. It is easy to complete but opens up a host of opportunities to increase self-awareness, self-esteem and self-confidence.

It answers two crucial questions:

  • Why do people do what they do?
  • Why is this important?

There are different editions of the programme to constantly update and add value to the SDI – such as:SDI

  • PVI (Personal Values Inventory) – Designed for younger people, or anyone who may experience difficulty with the language of the original SDI
  • EE (Expectations Edition) – Designed for use with 360 degree appraisals, coaching, 1:1 feedback and career planning

Imagine one memorable picture that is easily read and understood which…

  • Provides what motivates every member of your team.
  • Shows the triggers that will get them into conflict, how to avoid this happening, and…
  • Identify and deliver the most productive response to maintain the original focus

So the SDI is not simply a one-off tool. It is for constant reference and can be used as a fantastic starting point for managing interpersonal relationships. The SDI offers time out to discover more about yourself – what better topic could there be?

“This was a fantastic course that can be used effectively in all aspects of our lives and very relevant to our working life. It is one of the most useful training courses I have ever attended.”
John Lewis – Cheadle

“A very practical session with skills that can be put into practice straight away.” 
University of Central Lancashire

“Excellent! Having seen what is charged for this course I would suggest you increase the price!!”
AD Aerospace

Stratus Associates