Last week we discussed how to increase the readability of on-screen text by choosing the right Contrast. Today I am going to look at the impact Font has on slide appeal.

With font, always choose a ‘sans serif’ font. Serifs are the little twiddly tails that appear on fonts such as Times New Roman. These are designed to move the eye more quickly from one letter to the next, making reading easier and speedier. They were designed for bulky text, whole paragraphs, reports, books etc.

As we should be putting minimal text on slides – bullet points rather than chunky sentences or paragraphs – the necessity for speed reading shouldn’t be a concern. However lack of clutter and clean lines most certainly should be. So look for ‘sans serif’ fonts instead. Typical sans serif fonts (sans being French for ‘without’, so sans serif meaning ‘without twiddly tails’) include Arial, Calibri and Tahoma.

Finally, beware of wildly differing font sizes too, especially on the same slide. No need to have a whopping 48 font title followed by a chunk of squiddly 16 font for the body text. Imagine the strain on the audience’s eyes trying to focus between the two! Keep a sense of proportion and stick between the twenties and thirties.

Action Point: If you would like to know more about creating visually appealing screen information, contact us for additional information or to arrange a chat with one of the Stratus team.

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