The Power of the Collective

The Power of the Collective

The Power of the Collective

What an amazing day we had at Altrincham’s ‘Let’s Go Forward event on Monday. In the aftermath of the dramatic collapse of Thomas Cook, a group of local businesses got together to put on an event to help those affected move forward, giving lots of essential advice to make finding a new job easier and more successful.

Talk about the Power of the Collective! We had a packed programme lasting a full day with topics covered such as:

  • CV Writing
  • Practical Interview Skills
  • How Social Media can help your Job Search
  • Successful Networking
  • Engaging a Recruitment Company
  • Money Saving Tips and Debt Management
  • Clearing out Your Clutter
  • ‘Moving On’ Solutions from an ex-Sabena crew member
  • Digital Awareness
  • Free photo headshots to add to CV’s

And last but by no means least – Serious Laughter Yoga, which proved so infectious that many of the delegates couldn’t stop laughing for some time after the session finished!  A wonderful way to help release tension and get those missing endorphins moving again.

Local businesses brought wonderful cakes for the tea and coffee breaks, which went down a treat – also several town centre restaurants and coffee bars provided plenty towards our ‘Pot Luck’ lunch.
Diana Bowden, the organiser (and better half of a Thomas Cook employee), said she literally didn’t spend a penny on the event. Of course, by that, I mean that no-one asked for a red cent for their services and provisions, not that the poor girl had to cross her legs for the entire day!

Why am I writing about this? Well firstly, I am immensely proud to be a part of such a fabulous occasion and secondly because we tend to bang on about how community spirit is so lacking these days. No-one knows their neighbours, everyone is out for themselves and people in the selfish twenty-teens won’t do ‘owt for nowt’.

I can categorically say that not only did folk give plenty of their time, energy, expertise and services absolutely free but – certainly in my case – received the richest real reward I’ve had for my training in a long time.

The delegates were touched, humbled, grateful and comforted (to use their own words) to realise that people cared enough to come together in this way. We know because they said so in many heart-warming thank you notes on our social group pages.

Finally, my cautionary tale that I left the delegates with as I closed my set.

A girl went for an interview where one of the tests of character was how she responded to a word association game. The interviewer said ‘fruit’, she said ‘apple’, the interviewer said ‘flowers’, she said ‘vase’. It was all going so well until the interviewer said ‘camel’ – she said … ‘toe’! After an agonising silence and spotting the look of horror on her interviewer’s face, she suddenly blurted out ‘hump! … I meant hump!’

Good luck to all the delegates and their colleagues on finding something new to do!

Your Reaction: Could you do something similar in your local town? Do you know someone who needs some practical help to brush up their interview skills?  If so, contact us for additional information or to arrange a chat with one of the Stratus team.

Photograph courtesy of Martin Hambleton, Photographer