These 60 second nuggets are intended to bring some useful tools and tips to your attention.  Many of the business communication techniques I blog about form part of our professional training sessions and as such, are things that you can put into practice to help you perform more effectively in your own workplace – all without paying us a penny!  Just click on the title underneath the picture to read the full blog. Sonya O’Sullivan,  Principal Consultant.

H112- Bamboo pan pipes bound with split cane string. Tanna Island, Vanuatu.

Pan-Pipes for Beginners

A trainer’s life is a precarious one – never more so than in the stagnant weeks of the school summer holidays. I have had two… Read More

fort website

Build Your Own Fort

“Remember how a lack of resources was never a problem in childhood. Shift a few pieces of furniture around the living room and you have… Read More

inconvenient website

For your (in)convenience ….

Was there ever such an irritating – or ubiquitous phrase? Almost always directed at long-suffering customers; almost without exception achieving the opposite effect. Am I… Read More

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