These 60 second nuggets are intended to bring some useful tools and tips to your attention.  Many of the business communication techniques I blog about form part of our professional training sessions and as such, are things that you can put into practice to help you perform more effectively in your own workplace – all without paying us a penny!  Just click on the title underneath the picture to read the full blog. Sonya O’Sullivan,  Principal Consultant.


Conducting Effective Meetings

Last time, with the referendum being imminent, we looked at some tools and tips for using in a debate. However, whilst workplace debates don’t come… Read More


Deadline Daisy

I’m sure I can’t be alone in leaving workshop planning/editing/producing manuals and paperwork until the last minute? I have always told myself that I thrive… Read More


Audience Antics

From the comments I receive about these Training Success Tips (TSTs), it seems those that generate most traffic revolve around being a more confident public… Read More


Pea-Brain Thinking

Trainers are only human – I know … can you believe it? So they suffer from the same adrenalin rushes, brain-freeze and performance anxiety as… Read More


The Font of all Knowledge

Last week we discussed how to increase the readability of on-screen text by choosing the right Contrast. Today I am going to look at the… Read More

Should you be certified?

Should you be Certified?

Certification (or not) of programmes and workshops creates lively debate amongst the training fraternity. Often there is a degree of self-interest – if you deliver… Read More

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