Business owners, Sole traders and Executives who present infrequently, may have only been able to grow their presentation technique the way most people learn how to use computers – the hard way – by trial and error.  This often means by making costly mistakes or copying others’ bad practice.

Yet if you and your business need to be at the top of your game why not learn  the easy way – having some formal guidance in how to prepare, structure and deliver a presentation that will stand up to scrutiny in front of the most exacting audiences?

Sonya O'Sullivan

Having been an associate of the Professional Speaker’s Assoc. for many years and with 20 years training experience, Sonya uses her knowledge and experience to deliver empathetic and encouraging presentation/public speaking programmes. 

From people so terrified of presenting that they can’t catch their breath to more seasoned performers wanting to hone their skills, Sonya has helped over 500 people to become more confident and competent at presenting and public speaking.


MORE CONFIDENCE –  knowing how to channel those nerves into positive energy and enthusiasm will reap huge rewards

MORE ATTENTION – what is the point of preparing for a presentation if no-one listens?  Capturing and holding an audience’s attention is a skill in itself

MORE PROFESSIONALITY – knowledge is power, knowing how to structure and deliver a speech can help your presentation look (and be!) effortless

MORE RESPECT – how often have you listened to a great speaker and wished you could do that too? People admire presenters who can command attention and interest

MORE BUSINESS! – people buy from (and buy in to) people they can relate to and trust.  Using the right tools to connect with your audience, you will gain the buy-in you

For your personal coaching programme contact Sonya:     

Phone: 07808 795 165




“After spending time with Sonya, let me tell you, you may think you know all you need to about presenting, but I assure you, you don’t! Firstly, Sonya attended one of my presentations and a week later, when we had our 1:1 session I couldn’t believe how much detail she had recorded.”

She split our session into 2 sections – my presentation style and the content / slide quality. Although she pointed out a lot of positives, there were some negatives, which, Sonya explained really well and gave me some fantastic solutions. No surprise from the above that I would have no hesitation in recommending Sonya’s services to anyone!”

Nick Langley, Senior Partner - Aspirations Achieved LLP