Creating verbal and visual content for your presentations can be very time consuming and daunting, especially if it is something you have little or no experience in. 

To get the very best from your presentation, sales pitch or team briefing you need to carefully plan what you will say as well as how you say it.  Creating content that is engaging, effective and memorable doesn’t always come easy, even for seasoned presenters.

You may be really comfortable and confident with your stage presence, yet still need some assistance to find the right words to say.  Not only can we write engaging content for you and create your accompanying visual aids, as an added service we can also listen to you rehearse.  Which means we can coach you through those extra tonal nuances to ensure you gain maximum impact from the material we provide.   

Every audience is different, one size doesn’t fit all, so you may need several different versions of your speech, even though the topic remains the same.  We can add that personal twist to each, so that the audience in front of you feels that you have created your talk especially for them.

Sonya O'Sullivan

Having been an associate of the Professional Speaker’s Assoc. for many years and with 20 years training experience, Sonya uses her knowledge and experience to help you create engaging content that will resonate with your audience.

She has helped a range of speakers to create content, from those who have never presented in public before and therefore have no idea where to begin, through to those with more experience.  She can start from scratch or simply edit content to bring that extra edge to your presentation. 


MORE CONFIDENCE – feeling comfortable that your visual and verbal content is the best that it can be will help you deliver it with panache and reap huge rewards

MORE ATTENTION – what is the point of preparing for a presentation if no-one listens?  Capturing and holding an audience’s attention is a skill in itself

MORE PROFESSIONALITY – knowledge is power, knowing how to structure and deliver a speech can help your presentation look (and be!) effortless

MORE RESPECT – how often have you listened to a great speaker and wished you could find the right words too? People admire presenters who can command attention and interest

MORE BUSINESS! – people buy from (and buy in to) people they can relate to and trust.  Using the right tools to connect with your audience, you will gain the buy-in you need

For speech writing services contact Sonya:

Phone: 07808 795 165

Email: sonya@stratusassociates.co.uk

“Sonya is a fantastic speech writer.  Wise, experienced, encouraging and approachable.  We always have a giggle and she makes me feel at ease, but she really knows her stuff.  I had written out my presentation, but I needed help on tightening it up.  Sonya was so patient and helpful in improving my wording, drawing out the key messages and finding where to put the emphasis, as well as training me in how to deliver the presentation as a speech.

I got another speaking request whilst I was working with Sonya and she helped me to amend my original presentation so that it fitted the new brief, and again perfected my wording and delivery. Sonya also created my slide set including images and animation, so I have everything I need to get my message across effectively.

If you are speaking for the first time, or want to take your speaking skills to the next level, I would highly recommend booking sessions with Sonya”

Helen Calvert, Director – Clear Day